The role of a Strength and Conditioning coach is to use exercise prescription specifically to improve performance in athletic competition. They also help athletes with injury prevention and proper mechanics within their sports performances. Strength and Conditioning is about more than lifting weights – it encompasses the entire development of the athlete and what is needed to improve physical performance. Evidence exists that shows regular strength training improves endurance performance and reduces the likelihood of injury. A weekly S & C session should not be the first to be scrapped from a busy athlete’s weekly schedule.


Comprehensive screening including:

Full musculoskeletal assessment

Prescription of personal program

Running Gait analysis

Bike position set up

Regular practitioner guided 1-2-1 sessions can be scheduled for maximum benefit or the individual may choose to take their program and complete it at their gym or home as part of an ongoing coaching plan. Most importantly, the program should be structured and progressive to yield the maximum benefit.