Using breath by breath indirect calorimetry, the gold standard for cardiopulmonary exercise testing and other metabolic measurement, the team at Extrafit work with endurance athletes, sports people and anyone interested in their health and fitness to provide accurate objective testing, vital if you wish to train for and achieve your goal in the optimal way.  Appropriate testing will always leave an athlete better informed on the best intensities upon which to structure training and periodic re-testing allows for monitoring of training effectiveness.

Participants can choose between completing the tests on a commercial treadmill, a Wattbike Atom cycle ergometer or their own bike and turbo trainer.


VO2max testing
& Lactate Profile

The ultimate test to assess cardiovascular fitness and establish key thresholds that allow for better informed training.


Learn how your body metabolises carbohydrates and fats at different intensities, results from this test allow for better informed training intensities and improvement in both ongoing and race day nutrition.

Resting metabolic
rate testing (RMR)

A fasted test that establishes exactly how many calories your body uses at rest each day. A vital benchmark to allow for appropriate nutrition for both improving performance and achieving lasting weight loss.

Athlete Fitness Assessment

A comprehensive insight into all the important health, fitness and physiological aspects that make up your optimal performance. Whatever your sport and current fitness level, learn more optimising health and being the best athlete possible.


Probably the most well known clinical fitness test, the measured metrics will provide the athlete with personal accurate data that allows for ongoing training and competition at optimised heart rate zones, pace and/or power outputs.

A 2-part test conducted over the course of a 90 minute appointment.  Part 1 is a 3 minute step test working to around 80% effort with blood lactate measured at the end of each step, a 20minute rest follows prior to the challenging ramp test to exhaustion that establishes VO2MAX and HRMAX

Initial results will be discussed on the day but a full report will follow within 7 days accompanied by a 15-20 minute phone or video consultation for further discussion.

Periodic retests are advised to assess the efficacy of ongoing training programs.

Exercise Physiology Testing
Exercise Physiology Testing for Endurance Athletes


A vital test for anyone competing in events lasting an hour or more – ½ marathon upwards to Ironman and Ultra-distance running.   

A step test that is performed in a 12 hour fasted state, the test starts very gently and progressively increases in intensity to around 80% of maximum.  Through continual expired air analysis,  the Metabolic Efficiency & FatMax test provides vital information on carbohydrate and fat utilisation at different intensities with the goal of both pacing correctly and training and nutritional strategies for optimising fat oxidation and preserving precious glycogen stores.

Initial results will be discussed on the day but a full report will follow within 7 days accompanied by a 15-20 minute phone or video consultation for further discussion.

Periodic retests are advised to assess the efficacy of ongoing training programs and to better inform race day nutrition and pacing.

Resting metabolic rate testing (RMR)

This test is for athletes who want to get their nutrition correct for both training, body composition maintenance or change and competition performance. Your RMR is the number of calories your body burns at rest, just to function and survive.  The daily metabolic cost of the body’s vital organs is reasonably consistent however the amount of healthy lean muscle mass an individual possesses is a key factor in determining their individual metabolic rate.

The test takes around 20-30 minutes, is performed in a fasted state and is non-invasive involving lying at complete rest whilst breathing into the calorimeter. The test data also will indicate your body’s metabolic flexibility – the tendency to utilise fats or carbohydrates as fuel at rest, this is an insight into overall metabolic health and another vital piece of information in building the correct dietary and exercise plan for you.

Metabolic Efficiency & FATMAX​, Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR)
Athlete's Fitness Assessment at ExtraFit Health & Performance

Athlete Fitness Assessment

Our Athlete’s Fitness assessment package is a thorough insight into all aspects of physiology and health, a real opportunity to gain insight into every key aspect of your health and athletic performance. 

The test session includes cardiopulmonary exercise testing appropriate to the individuals needs and sport,  lung function spirometry, body composition analysis, glucose, cholesterol, haemoglobin and haematocrit capillary blood testing and a full musculoskeletal assessment. 

All assessments are accompanied by a detailed report and appropriate follow up time with a practitioner on the phone or video call to understand the data and ongoing implications.

Whoever you are and whatever your goal,  packages can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals and teams.