We are passionate about working with athletes and sports people to give them the information, advice and treatment that is crucial towards achieving their best performance. Our fully equipped sports science performance clinic allows us to offer services previously only available in well-funded professional sports teams and Universities.  

From Exercise Physiology testing, Endurance Coaching, Strength & Conditioning and Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, choose from the array of services below to find out more.

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing for athletes and fitness assessment.

Resting metabolic rate testing for nutritional optimisation and weight loss.

An opportunity to gain a truly accurate insight into the metabolic function of your body for both performance and health.

Working with a coach gives structure, accountability and focus.  Whatever your event or goal, ongoing coaching is the fastest way to achieve your best by training in the safest and most effective way possible. A flexible service using Training Peaks coaching software with optional add-ons of periodised physiological testing, S&C, sports therapy & nutrition.

Strength & Conditioning assesses an athletes musculoskeletal system in relation to the demands of their sport.  An ongoing S&C program incorporated into other training can be shown to both build resilience to injury and improve performance. These programs can be built around the equipment you have available, a lot can be achieved at home with little or no equipment.

Allowing you to maximise recovery from ongoing training, rehabilitate from soft tissue injury and address muscle aches resulting from day to day life – We use sports massage therapy along with appropriate strengthening and mobility exercises to optimise benefit.