Extrafit was formed in Hampshire in 2002.  We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of service to all clients from athletes, the general population, those rehabilitating from serious injury and those with ongoing special needs and challenges.  A Health & Performance Consultancy offering a broad spectrum of services with huge passion and enthusiasm as well intelligent evidence informed advice at its core.  Working with you to achieve your personal best and performance goals.

Tim Quickenden BSc. (Hons)

Lead Practitioner

Graduating with a BSc(Hons) Sport and Exercise Science degree in 1996 Tim has over 23 years’ experience of working with a host of different clients offering an array of fitness, coaching and therapy services. Tim has always had a passion for sport, both studying and pushing the limits of human performance. As a competitive runner, Tim previously represented Bedford and County Athletics club and has completed several sub-3 hour marathons with a personal best of 2 hours 52mins. His fascination with the latest research and training methods continues, always considered against an extensive experiential frame of reference. Being fortunate to work in an area that is a genuine passion shines through, Tim prides himself with providing clients with the highest level of advice, coaching, therapy and enjoyment.

Tim is married to Jo, a clinical specialist neuro-physiotherapist working within the NHS in Hampshire. Together they have two young boys, a border collie and a garage full of bikes, windsurf boards and paddle boards. A weekend at team Quickenden is never quiet!

Tim Quickenden BSc (Hons) Lead Practitioner at ExtraFit Health & Performance
Tim Quickenden Competing
Tim Quickenden Competing in Cycling Race in Hampshire
We worked together to achieve the best baseline figures by conducting a series of sub-maximal and maximal tests for running and cycling. As an “ageing” triathlete approaching 60, I thought my pace was on a continually downward trend but recently have seen some improvement in speed and pace as well as endurance.
Mark Lovibond - Extrafit Health & Performance Client
Mark Lovibond