Personal Training: Client Case Study

Personal Training: Client Case Study

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Make a commitment to work with an Extrafit personal trainer and our commitment to you will be to show you the path to achieving your health, fitness and weight loss goals is not a steep unnavigable one but instead an undulating manageable path where we’ll be with you every step of the journey. 

It is standard practice for your ExtraFit trainer to continually monitor and adjust your training and nutrition each week. (With over 23 years’ experience of helping individuals lose weight and get fit, a combination of our knowledge and experience and your focus and determination is a sure fire way to achieve success.)

The case study here below highlights a recent clients achievements. Further underpinning the need for a good attitude, consistency and trust. ExtraFit will be with you every step of the way provided you show up too.

Sue ~ South Hampshire

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5’5” 
  • Weight: 66kg 
  • Age: 59
  • Occupation: Company Secretary

If you can not measure it, you cannot improve it… Lord Kelvin

Sue approached Extrafit in August 2019, with a ‘milestone’ birthday (60th – shhhh!) approaching she had recently decided to embark on more regular exercise. She wanted to get fitter and healthier but also felt like she needed some fun challenges to work towards. She had recently completed some sessions with another personal trainer but had felt that they had not tailored their approach correctly for a person of her age.

Personal Training Goals 

After contacting Extrafit and committing to an initial block of personal training sessions, goals were discussed and set. These included:-

  • Getting stronger.
  • Losing a little bit of weight. 
  • Toning up.
  • The random yet brilliant target of being able to do a proper handstand by her 60th birthday!

Personal training sessions were undertaken once a week at the client’s house. Each session unique, but typically sessions involving appropriate cardiovascular work, weights & body weight resistance training, alongside core work to strengthen abdominal and lower back muscles. 

After completing a couple of sessions her Extrafit trainer provided her with her own personal exercise program – with the target of following it once or twice each week either side of face-to-face personal training sessions.

Health Screening & Fitness Assessments

Sue also committed to a comprehensive health and fitness screening appointment at the Clinic. Here we completed a full array of tests including blood pressure, fasted blood glucose and cholesterol levels, lung function, body composition as well as a V̇O2MAX graded exercise test on an exercise bike – the ultimate measure of cardiovascular fitness. 

Conducting these tests early into our time working with SC was useful as they are objective measures that allow for proper monitoring of progress. It was decided to train hard and work together for 6 months and then retest to monitor progress and assess results. 

Sue was so interested in the heart rate monitor used during the V̇O2MAX test she bought one for herself, keen to ensure she trained at the correct intensity.