Calling All Marathon or Ultra Distance Runners!

We’re offering marathon and ultra distance runners a comprehensive program of physiological testing and health assessment. This includes VO2MAX and Lactate Profile Testing to establish key thresholds and training zones, Metabolic Efficiency testing to investigate carbohydrate and fat utilisation at different intensities as well as ongoing coaching and nutritional consultancy, all within a private clinic in south Hampshire.

At Extrafit we’re passionate about getting you to the absolute top of your game! And we have 20 years experience of working with a range of athletes and sports people including runners, adventure racers, racing drivers, triathletes, and many more!

Our Marathon & Ultra Runner Performance Physiology package includes all necessary information crucial for establishing a benchmark as to where you are now as an athlete and provide you with all the key metrics and information to optimise your training and nutrition to achieve your personal goals.

Marathon & Ultra Runner Performance Physiology package costs just £355.00.

"This is probably THE BEST triathlon money we have spent yet."
Rupert Rhodes
Iron Man Competitor

What's included in your package?

In order to complete the tests we will need you to visit the clinic twice. Each visit will take around 2 hours. Following your final visit you will receive your personalised report with a detailed analysis of your health & current performance and recommended training thresholds and adjustments.

We will be conducting the following tests in order to provide an overall assessment:- 

✔️ Treadmill VO2MAX & Lactate Test incl. Thresholds & Training Zones.

✔️  Treadmill Metabolic Efficiency & Resting Metabolic Rate Test.

✔️  Blood Pressure, Resting Pulse & 10-Year QRisk3 Heart Score.

✔️  Full Lung Function Test (MVV, PEF, FVC, FEV1.0)

✔️  Body Composition.

✔️  Blood Tests Screening for Anaemia (Haemoglobin & Haematocrit), Cholesterol (TCL & HDL) & Pre-Diabetes (HbA1C).

✔️  Full Musculoskeletal Assessment.

✔️  Detailed Report & Follow Up Consultation

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