A Sports Therapist works with the athlete to both prevent and rehabilitate from injury, aid recovery, stress relief and relaxation as well promote soft tissue strength and flexibility.
Some clients may just want a routine remedial or deep tissue massage to counter the demands of their work, daily activities or training program. Others may require a fuller assessment to investigate the cause of pain and injury, soft tissue work may follow, and appropriate exercise program prescription is vital to aid recovery and improvement. In very rare cases, onward referral to a leading sports physiotherapist may be required to ensure the best possible advice and care.


Initial sessions are always 60mins and follow up sessions can be 60 or 45minutes at the discretion of the client. Sessions are conducted at the Extrafit Health & Performance Clinic but are also available at the clients home or workplace. At the Clinic, a shower room with complimentary towels is provided for client to freshen up before or after treatment which may involve massage oil.