Weight Loss & Nutrition Plans Designed To Suit Your Lifestyle

Finding clarity in a proven method to achieve long term weight loss and improve health is not easy with so much conflicting advice around today.

With extensive experience of working with clients whose specific goal is to lose weight, the support and advice you receive from Extrafit’s consultants is results based, scientific and appropriate to your lifestyle. We debunk myths, give evidence-based advice and always employ a pragmatic sensible approach. Utilising a ‘food first’ approach, we will never try to sell or recommend supplements or meal replacement weight loss products. Instead we aim to devise a plan with real and nutritious healthy foods. 

Whilst we believe that through working closely together we will optimise the weight loss results you achieve, we would never pretend it is easy, instead we pride ourselves on offering continual support and encouragement to keep you motivated and focussed.

Results based, scientific & appropriate weight loss

Results Driven Weight Loss & Nutrition Packages

Once committed to a 12-week program, clients undergo a ‘gold standard’ resting metabolic rate test (RMR) as well as a Fatmax submaximal exercise test. The results from which all further dietary and exercise recommendations can be based.

The RMR test tells us the exact number of calories your body needs and allows for accurate prescription of dietary programs. The Fatmax test determines the precise exercise heart rate intensity and pace at which your body utilises the most fat as fuel –  A vital insight into your metabolic health, exercising regularly at this steady paced intensity has been shown to improve the body’s fat burning ability.

Food and meal choices are tailored to your likes and dislikes – as well as your work demands and lifestyle.

The approach is always thinking of the long term, we want you to achieve weight loss and maintain it! Through sensible fad-free nutritional advice we aim to show clients an approach that will work for them on an ongoing basis.  For added benefit and ultimate results, consider adding personal training sessions with Extrafit into your program.