Using breath by breath indirect calorimetry, the gold standard for cardio pulmonary exercise testing and other metabolic measurement, the team at Extrafit work with endurance athletes, sports people and anyone interested in their health and fitness to provide accurate objective metrics, vital if you wish to train for and achieve your goal in the optimal way.  Athletes can choose between completing the tests on a commercial treadmill, a Wattbike Atom cycle ergometer or their own bike and turbo trainer.


Available as a combined test or individually, the measured metrics will provide the athlete with personal accurate data that allows for ongoing training and competition at optimised heart rate zones, pace and power output.  Periodic retests are vital to assess the efficacy of ongoing training programs.

A vital test for anyone competing in events lasting an hour or more – ½ marathon upwards to Ironman and Ultradistance running.  The test provides vital information on carbohydrate and fat utilisation at different intensities with the goal of both pacing correctly and maximising precious glycogen stores.

This test is for athletes who want to get their nutrition correct for both training, body composition maintenance/change and competition performance.  Your RMR is the number of calories your body burns at rest, just to function and survive.  The test data also will indicate your body's tendency to utilise fats or carbohydrates as fuel, another vital piece of information in building the correct dietary plan for you.  The test takes around 20-30 minutes, is non-invasive involving lying at complete rest whilst breathing into the calorimeter.

Test sessions can also include lung function spirometry, body composition analysis, glucose and cholesterol blood testing and musculoskeletal assessment.  All useful measures allowing for feedback and progress monitoring.

Whoever you are and whatever your goal, several packages are offered to meet the needs of individuals and teams.  All physiological tests are accompanied by a full detailed report and appropriate time with a practitioner to understand the data and ongoing implications.