For both recreational and elite level runners, cyclists, triathletes, adventure challenges and other sports people, a coach should be someone who not only motivates and inspires but is also informed and sensible in their approach to all aspects of performance. Extrafit offers differing levels of coaching input but strongly believe in a multi-disciplinary array of services.


Quarterly ongoing physiological testing

Monthly periodised training programs

Sports nutrition for training and competition

Strength & Conditioning programs

Sports therapy & massage

Psychological strategies and preparedness

Regular goal setting and review is vital to ensure a structured and progressive coaching program yields the desired results.  Extrafit coaches use TrainingPeaks software for program design and monitoring.  Premium Coaching packages are available incorporating routine sports massage therapy and one-to-one strength and conditioning sessions for those athletes for appreciate the attention in every detail.  Weekly coach contact through Skype or phone is standard and no stone it left unturned to assist you in being at your peak on race day.